Hog Sessions: What to Wear

The Hog Sessions will be here before you know it, so it's time…
October 2, 2017/by Jennifer

Annie | Tucson children’s Photographer

Children's Photographer?
For those who, after this week, are…
September 2, 2016/by Jennifer

The Hog Sessions 2015 | Bulldogs A-10 Photos | Tucson photographer

I know, I know. More A10 pictures. Whuttt? Instead of blowing…
September 1, 2016/by Jennifer

The Hog Sessions (more airplane pictures) | 8 November 2015, Dragons | Tucson photographer

I'm on a roll! Yesterday, I posted the first of the Hog Sessions…
August 30, 2016/by Jennifer

The Hog Sessions (2015) | November 7 | Tucson photographer

Late...but posted
No one ever accused me of blogging too much.…
August 29, 2016/by Jennifer
first day of school

The first day of school

Mom getting the kids ready for the first day of school: fail.
August 26, 2016/by Jennifer

Max turns 1 (soon)! | Tucson children’s photographer

My nephew Max is 10 months old. Typically, one does a cake…
June 2, 2016/by Jennifer

Kaylee’s family photos | Tucson photographer

Earlier this spring, I had the pleasure of photographing…
June 1, 2016/by Jennifer

Maggie: part Husky, part Weimaraner, part Shepherd, all LOVE – Tucson pet photography

Rachel contacted me a couple of weeks ago about pet photography,…
February 16, 2016/by Jennifer

2016 Workshop: Off-Camera flash, Tucson AZ

Hey Tucson photographers! I’ll be teaching Flash 101 on Saturday,…
December 15, 2015/by Jennifer

A-10 refueling with KC-135, Tucson photographer

Yesterday, I got the opportunity of a lifetime - I flew in a…
October 8, 2015/by Jennifer

Piper, Tucson children’s photographer

You guys.


Look at these curls.

I met…
September 22, 2015/by Jennifer