Max turns 1 (soon)! | Tucson children’s photographer

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Max's cake smash

My nephew Max is 10 months old. Typically, one does a cake smash photo session when a children turn 1, but in this case, my sister and her family were moving from Tucson before his birthday. So we changed it up a little, and photographed his cake smash at 10 months.

We got some of the fake crying photos out of the way in the beginning. I love this age.
Max, Tucson family photographyCake smash session

He’d never had cake before, and was a little hesitant to try something new. I was surprised! Max loves his food, and I figured he would be all over digging into the delicious chocolate cake. By the way, I order my cake smash cakes from Cakes by Amy, and you should totally consider ordering alllll your cakes from her. They are SO GOOD. Really, I can’t capitalize that big enough. My favorite flavor is her Raspberry Beret – chocolate cake with lemon filling and raspberry frosting. It’s so incredible. But I digress.

Cakes by Amy, Tucson baker

We sat Max down in front of the backdrop, took a couple of pics to make sure the lighting and background were perfect, and then gave him the cake. He looked at it. Then he looked at us.

have some cake, Max

Then Audrey, his big sister who is 3, told us she wanted the cake. We told her she could have some in a few minutes, and tried to encourage Max to dig in. He tentatively touched it with one finger, then looked at his mom to see if it was okay. She smiled and said, “Yay!” He touched it again, getting some frosting on his finger. He looked at the frosting, then back at the cake. He still didn’t put his hand in his mouth! In the end, his mom dug out a chunk of cake underneath all the frosting (Audrey finally got a bite of cake!). He was much more interested after seeing that there was chocolate cake under the white frosting flowers. He dug in a little more, and finally tasted it. “Mmmm!” He liked it. We would have been shocked if he hadn’t! He never took a handful of cake, but did daintily taste it several times before we were done.

Max tries cake cakes by Amy Cakes by Amy more tears from Max


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This is his "mmmm" face.

This is his “mmmm” face.

The “after” picture. Shocked, I tell you!


Happy (10 month) birthday, Max! We miss you and your whole family, and can’t wait to see you next week when we visit.