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It seems fitting that I publish this blog post about Kelly’s Aviation this week, just days after her instructor Josh passed his CFI. After a lot of waiting, a little more waiting, lots of flying, and some scheduling conflicts, Josh flew and passed his CFI on his first try. Way to go, Josh! And congrats, Kelly, on yet another student passing their flight exam with flying colors!

I’ve known Kelly Stites for more than 10 years now. When my husband and I first moved to Tucson from Korea, I was close to meeting the flight requirements for attaining my private pilot’s license. But since all of my flying had taken place in Korea (yes, there are stories, and they are good – just ask me sometime and prepare to be entertained!), I needed to get some hours under my belt in my new local area before my test with the FAA. I also apparently needed to redo my long distance cross-country…but that’s one of those Korea stories. After a little research, I found Kelly. She was working for another company at the time, but we clicked, and soon we were flying together several hours per week. With her help, I learned all the procedures I’d need to know for my test.

Kelly's Aviation Cessna Piper Cherokee

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Kelly became a flight instructor in 2001, and started her own company in 2006 with one airplane. She now owns 5 airplanes, and flies approximately 80 hours per month (she has about 15,000 hours!!). She’s taught and flown with more than 1000 students, helping them achieve everything from their private pilot’s license to their CFII, and many have hired her for photo tours of the city. I know I’ve got some fun stories of flying with her, and I can only imagine some of the tales she could tell from all her hours in small aircraft. If you are looking for a flight instructor in the greater Tucson area, I highly recommend calling Kelly. She’s super busy, but that’s because she’s the best in the valley.

Kelly's Aviation, head shots, Tucson AZ Josh Gill, CFI at Kelly's Aviation, Tucson

Josh, CFI, Tucson, Kelly's Aviation flight instructors at Kelly's aviation, Tucson, dogs in airplanes

Kelly walking her dogs, Pancho and Lindy

Kelly walking her dogs, Pancho and Lindy.

Outtakes are the best.

Outtakes are the best.

Kelly, you are an amazing flight instructor, and a wonderful friend. Thank you for helping me reach my goal of getting my pilot’s license, and for hiring me to make photos for your company and website!

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